Aug 12, 2012


HArley Clifford, James Balzer, Monster Energy, Wakestock

Monster Energy Wakestock's final day featured a stacked field of over 30 of the planet's best wakeboarders and wakeskaters including several past Wakestock Champions and several young, up-and-coming talents battling it out for a combined $25,000 prize purse, WWA World Series points and the coveted Wakestock titles.

Every rider was excited to take advantage of the game changing wakes of the new G23 Super Air Nautique, including a shot at a special $5,000 Nautique award for landing a never-been-landed trick off the wake in a competition. Monster Energy and Wakestock had stepped it up with a custom coloured Nautique G23 complete with special Monster graphics inside and out to create one of the sickest looking boats ever.

Harley Clifford. Roth photo

The day started with 16 of the top wakeboarders in the world battling it out in a 4 heat/4-man quarterfinal round, including defending champion Harley Clifford and past Wakestock champions Phil Soven and Aaron Rathy. The field also included wakeboard heavy hitters Olivier Derome, JD Webb, Shane Bonifay, Jimmy Lariche, Dean Smith, Andrew Adkison and Daniel Powers. Canadians also riding on Sunday included Kyle Rattray, Jess Polley, Christian Primrose, Robbie McMillin and Chris Sinkic.

Harley Clifford tail grab roll to blind. Roth photo

With challenging conditions, Clifford was second off the dock in the 8-man final and threw down a run that included his signature Front Mobe 5, Nose Grab Crow Mobe 5, Toe 9 and Heel 7. Despite their best efforts, neither Aaron Rathy or Phil Soven could match Clifford’s run, allowing the Australian to continue his hot streak this year and defend his Wakestock title.

"I’m super pumped on defending my title at Wakestock,” said Clifford. “It was such an awesome weekend: this event is always awesome, the partying was sick, the girls were awesome, and the crowd was awesome, so it was good times."

Aaron Rathy. Roth photo

Aaron Rathy continued his stellar performance record at Wakestock, adding another podium finish giving him the most Wakestock trophies in the history of the event.

Aaron Rathy. Roth photo

“Doing the eight man final was pretty cool,” said Rathy. “There were a lot of young guys in there. Christian Primrose really rode well this weekend; it was cool to see him in the finals. He was the first one out and threw down with two stand up runs. Everyone rode well. The conditions weren't great, but the wake behind the Nautique G23 was really good. And the rails are always fun. It was a good contest. Harley went out with a bad seeding which is kind of rare. So he was 4th to last off the dock. But he killed it and set the bar and the rest of us just chased it.”

Phil Soven. Roth photo

Dean Smith. Roth photo

The Monster Energy Wakestock Pro Men’s Wakeskate presented by Nautique Boats and Rip Curl saw familiar faces in the final with the defending champ Brian Grubb and Canada’s own James Balzer. Everyone threw down solid runs and it was Balzer coming out on top to claim his first ever pro title. Grubb and 14-year old Austin Polterock placed 2nd and 3rd respectively.

James Balzer. Roth photo

“It’s finally good to win a big contest and even better that it's Wakestock,” said Balzer. “It was a crazy weekend riding in rough water but it's still a contest out there. We pulled it together for the Finals getting some good riding in. It's always a battle out there and it's just sick to win."

Brian Grubb. Roth photo

Monster Energy Wakestock wake course crowds. Roth photo

Yelawolf drew a huge crowd to the Monster Energy Music Stage following the Pro Finals.


Presented by NAUTIQUE and RIP CURL

SEMI-FINALS (top 2 advance)

Heat 1
1. Harley Clifford      AUS  90.00  Monster Energy, Liquid Force, Oakley, Body Glove, Mastercraft
2. Olivier Derome     CAN   76.67  Rockstar, Slingshot,  Malibu, Billabong, Oakley
3. Jimmy Lariche       USA  63.33
  Monster Energy, Nautique
4. Robbie McMillin     CAN  45.00  Hyperlite, Billabong

Heat 2
1. Aaron Rathy     CAN 66.67  Rockstar, Oakley, Byerly, MB
2. Christian Primrose      CAN 58.33
  Rip Curl, Dragon, Ronix
3. Kyle Rattray      CAN  45.00  Nautique, Byerly, Rockstar, O'Neill, Anarchy
4. JD Webb      USA  43.33  Nautique, Red Bull, Hyperite, Dragon

Heat 3
1. Andrew Adkison     USA 56.67  CWB, Mastercraft, Ten-80
2. Shane Boinfay       USA  49.33
  Monster Energy, Liquid Force, Jet ilot, Mastercraft, Spy
3. Danny Thollander      USA 46.67  Nautique, Hyperlite, Dunklebolk
4. Chris Sinkic     CAN 33.33

Heat 4
1. Phil Soven      USA  75.00  Liquid Force, Malibu, Arma
2. Dean Smith      AUS  65.00
  Rip Curl, Rockstar, Ronix, Axxis
3. Jess Polley     CAN 60.00 Dragon, Etnies
4. Daniel Powers     USA 51.67  CWB, Mastercraft, Jet Pilot, Rockstar

1. Harley Clifford       AUS  93.33
  Monster Energy, Liquid Force, Oakley, Body Glove, Mastercraft
2. Aaron Rathy       CAN 88.33  Rockstar, Oakley, Byerly, MB
3. Phil Soven        USA  86.00  Liquid Force, Malibu, Arma
4. Dean Smith       AUS 83.33  Rip Curl, Rockstar, Ronix, Axxis
5. Olivier Derome     CAN  68.33  Rockstar, Slingshot,  Malibu, Billabong, Oakley
6. Christian Primrose     CAN  66.67 Rip Curl,
7. Shane Bonifay     USA  61.67  Monster Energy, Liquid Force, Jet ilot, Mastercraft, Spy
8. Andrew Adkison      USA 53.33  CWB, Mastercraft, Ten-80


Presented by NAUTIQUE and RIP CURL

SEMI-FINALS (top 2 advance)

Heat 1
1. James Balzer     CAN  76.67    Monster Energy, Liquid Force, Body Glove
2. Dan Brown      CAN  50.00
3. Dan Seguin     CAN  30.00

4. Brady Hicks     CAN  21.67

Heat 2
1. Brian Grubb     USA 80.00  Zeal, Hyperlite, Red Bull, Billabong, Malibu
2. Austin Polterock      USA  53.33
3. Tommy Bailey      CAN 36.67

4. Aaron McKinney      CAN  18.33

1. James Balzer      CAN  73.33  Monster Energy, Liquid Force, Body Glove
2. Brian Grubb        USA 63.33
  Zeal, Hyperlite, Red Bull, Billabong, Malibu
3. Austin Polterock      USA 43.33
4. Dan Brown          CAN  33.33

Olivier Derome. Roth photo

Christian Primrose. Roth photo